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Sunday January 27, 2019

Winter wonders in Mallorca

The beauty of almond blossom in winter

We’re clinging onto the last few days of January 2019 but already poised for February fun. it seems that the month has flown by and in some ways that’s no great hardship given that we’ll be that much closer to the arrival of Spring! I’ve sluggishly got back to marathon training after succumbing to two consecutive colds (that’ll teach me to climb mountains in winter!) and am beavering away with new books and cheeky new plans.

As it happens, February is a fun time to be in Mallorca with the profusion of almond blossom, the sense of peace and the gorgeous crisp mornings with deep blue skies, ideal for mad runners like me. Some restaurants in our valley are opening a sleepy eye next month which means that I have an excuse to escape the kitchen much as I love it.

This is actually a great time for me to try out new recipes, bottle orange and lemon slices from the fruit in our orchards and experiment with some new culinary dishes. I’ve recently been making almond milk, and creating my own healthy oatcakes and almond, linseed and sesame biscuits which are really yummy. (recipes coming soon!).

Evenings are wonderfully tranquil in the quiet season and big crackling fires and hearty fare are the order of the day. My guilty pleasure is to curl up in bed on a Sunday night with Netflix and a mug of chamomile tea after a day of gardening and work on book research.

So, I hope all of you have a good February and are raring to go with new plans and schemes for this year. Meanwhile, I shall soon be launching my new website Burro Books, so apologies for letting this one slip a little while I’ve been burrowing away at the new one during 2018 and editing my new novel. I will have two books published this year and have several others in the pipeline so a lot going on…and did I mention an extended overland crazy trip to South Africa and Swaziland this summer too? More anon. in the interim, have an inspirational, mischievous and happy month ahead! Toodlepip!


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