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Saturday June 23, 2018

Burro Books will soon be riding into town!

Burro Books will be launching in March!

Finally here I am posting a few morsels following a lengthy time away from this website for which I apologise. The good news is that I have not been idle!

Aside from juggling my books, journalistic assignments and copywriting, I have for some months been establishing my own niche publishing company. This has been a long term project and will come to fruition in in March 2019 at which point I will be able to share further news and website information.

The new company, Burro Books Limited, will be championing books about Mallorca and Spain, written in the English language (as you’ll maybe know, burro means donkey in Spanish and is a much loved animal in Mallorca). Meanwhile, my first crime title, The Devil’s Horn, will be published this May, and the seventh in my travel series, in the Autumn.

Looking forward to staying in touch. Viva Mallorca!

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