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Thursday February 9, 2017

Let it snow!

The Tramuntanas can get snowed under in the winter

Whenever anyone asks me about the weather patterns in Mallorca I always explain that different areas of the island experience what might be described as micro-climates.

For instance when it is raining in Soller in the northwest, those in Palma might be enjoying glorious sunshine. In fact, driving through the Soller toll tunnel is a fascinating adventure. One enters from one climate zone and often
arrives on the other side in another. It rather reminds me of the wonderful children’s book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

As it happens for the last few weeks we have had virtually nothing but rain and high winds all over Mallorca and in my neck of the woods, snow on the Tramuntanas and in the mountain villages. It is a glorious sight to behold but friends back in the UK almost always express surprise. Isn’t Mallorca warm all year around? The simple answer is no!

But here’s the thing. Imagine living in one climate zone all year. How dull that would be! The beauty of Mallorca is that even in the winter it never gets too chilly, and the skies are invariably blue and the scenery breathtakingly beautiful.

Unlike so many places in the globe, we still enjoy seasonal food and when dark wintry nights close in, most of us in the rural areas, bunker down with crackling fires in the grate, a good bottle of vino tinto warming in the kitchen, and rustle up hearty broths, stews and warming dishes. It’s a contemplative and tranquil period in the year. A necessity in-between the busy tourist seasons. So, yes, we have a dusting of snow on the hills this week, but tomorrow it could be sunny. And one thing’s for certain, it’ll be blue skies all the way.

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