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Saturday February 4, 2012

Winter Wonderland in Mallorca!

Well what do you know? For the first in 25 years Mallorca has experienced ground snow and the locals just can’t get enough of it. Today we awoke to piles of soft fluffy white snow covering the enture garden, cats, donkeys, henhouse, car…just about everything. The Tramuntanas looked absolutely spectacular in their new pristine winter coat and there wasn’t a sound to be had in the Soller valley. Visible from the bedroom windows were deep paw marks running in circles aroud the back garden and down in the field. What had our felines been up to in the night, I wonder?

Unable to drive along our precarious little camino which was knee deep in snow, we walked into Soller town this morning for a warming coffee and croissant at lovely Café Paris where locals chatted excitedly about the snowfall. Friends stopped to share their snow experiences and most had images on phones to pass round. In fact, on the way to the plaça, adults were engaing in snowfights like big kids and when I got caught in the crossfire, gave as good as I got! Subsequently we arrived home after our little foray, pretty wet and windswept but oh what fun it is to be a child again!

Wherever you are today, I hope the weather is entertaining you too.

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