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Tuesday January 13, 2015

Why more holidaymakers will be heading for Spain this summer

Even in the rain Port Soller can lift the soul

Buoyed up by the ever increasing strength of the pound against the euro and abolition of Air Passenger Duty (APD) for children, British families are more than ever likely to be heading to value for money sunny destinations such as Spain this summer.

From 1, May APD will no longer be added to the cost of economy short and long haul flights for the under 12s making a saving on travel of £26 and £142 respectively for a family of four. The tax will still apply on premium class flights but this is unlikely to affect those seeking an affordable holiday in the sun. The change has come about largely thanks to ‘A Fair Tax on Flying’ campaign, an alliance of more than 30 travel organisations that argued that APD had a negative impact on the economic competitiveness of the UK.

In Majorca there have already been reports of a significant rise in ‘early bird’ bookings for summer rental properties by Britons and Germans and locals are expecting a record tourism season. Those making advance bookings are in search of cheaper deals, better availability and choice of property. Increasingly families and groups of friends are opting to stay in villas and fincas that offer space, privacy, flexibility and big savings on traditional hotel-based vacations. All the same in its Travel Trends Report 2015, association ABTA revealed that package holidays were increasing in popularity for families wanting a cost controlled break with no surprises, a phenomenon that it believed would continue in 2015.

According to the report which was conducted in association with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, consumer confidence was seen to be returning to the holiday market with 20 per cent of Britons asserting that they would be spending more on their vacations this year. Many appeared to be becoming more adventurous too, opting for challenging and activity orientated breaks and seeking authentic experiences ‘living like a local’. This trend has given rise to successful outfits such as Tripbod which offers travellers local information delivered by those in the know.

Britons took an average of three holidays in 2014 and in the case of more affluent tourists, four to five. This has made me realise that I must be doing something terribly wrong as I didn’t take one last year. Then again, as my friends are at pains to remind me, am I not already living in a veritable paradise?

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  1. Don’t worry Anna, I didn’t take a holiday at all last year either! I too, must be doing something wrong as it would be lovely to have had three holidays last year!

    Already eyeing up a villa in Majorca from Finishing Touch this year though for the family to stay in for a couple of weeks which will be a nice and much needed to getaway!

    They have a great selection on that website so its all about picking the right spot (and time of year) now…

    * by Karen Booth | Feb 2, 08:20 pm

  2. Hi Karen,

    Oh I’m so glad it’s not just me ;) I hope you’re able to return to Mallorca again soon maybe staying at that tempting property!
    Warm regards,

    * by Anna Nicholas | Mar 31, 07:57 pm