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Tuesday June 16, 2009

Top 5 Must Read Books for July!

Well, having suffered a week or gastroenteritis, an experience my 12 year son Ollie was also lucky enough to share with me (ho ho) I at least had a little cheer-me-up moment this morning with the following review from St Christopher’s Inns publication and website:

‘‘Goats From A Small Island by Anna Nicholas’‘
‘No one is more of an authority on life in Mallorca than Ms Nicholas and this title (her third to come out of the sunny Spanish isle) proves that down to a T. In this update on a life split between hedonistic PR of London and family goings on in Mallorca, you guys get to see a bizarre mix of what it’s like to work with Bulgarian Transvestite couturier, ancient goats, designers at war and scorpion infestations. Think yummy mummy but with teeth. There’s even a taste of shared bathroom politics in Mayfair, the ancient goat honouring Puck Fair of Ireland and her neurotic BBC buddy Ed. It’s not out until July but if you fancy a travel title that’s set apart from the usual guidebooks, and the semi fictional drug taking in Thailand titles, then this is the badger for you!
Goats From A Small Island by Anna Nicholas is published by Summersdale (paperback; £7.99). It is also available through and all good booksellers.’

I wish you all a good day and hope that wherever you are the sun shines and you are NOT suffering from gastroenteritis. As I’ve discovered, there are indeed kinder and maybe more genteel, ways to lose weight.

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