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Tuesday October 4, 2016

Save our hedgehogs!

Hedgehogs are thriving in Mallorca

While our furry friend the hedgehog is under threat of extinction in the UK, happily it seems to be thriving here in Mallorca! In the fifties hedgehogs were a very common sight in Britain but six decades later the population has been decimated with only an estimated one million left.

Hedgehogs need uninterrupted space to forage and to roam as they travel up to one mile each night. As their natural habitats have been fragmented and lost over the years, their numbers have dwindled and fewer people are reporting sightings of the little creatures in their gardens. To improve the situation householders in the UK are being encouraged to cut down on the use of pesticides and slug pellets and to create habitats in the garden conducive to the little chaps.

I am delighted to report that Horatio, our resident hedgehog, is still alive and well and there are many more in our neck of the woods in Soller. In fact I have never seen such high numbers as this summer which is hugely encouraging. Long live the Horatios of this world and may they prosper.

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  1. We have many hedgehogs here in Algaida…..even white ones.

    * by Cheryl | Nov 6, 05:44 pm