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Thursday August 22, 2013

Newsletter Sign Up & Twitter

As further evidence that I am gradually being drawn into the world of technology (albeit kicking, screaming and huffing and puffing) I now have a Twitter button installed at the end of each of my blogs and witterings. Therefore if any of you kindly feel like spreading the word once you’ve read a piece, I’d appreciate the re-tweet.

Meanwhile, I have been clearing up my Newsletter subscriber list and in doing so think I may have lost a few souls on the way. If you haven’t received my latest newsletter of yesterday please do send me your details again, and I promise to reinstate you on the database (with my apologies!).

Thanks, Anna

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  1. Love to hear about Mallorca from an expat.

    * by Colin Hudson | Aug 25, 12:13 pm

  2. Thanks, Colin.

    * by anna nicholas | Aug 25, 01:14 pm