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Wednesday March 30, 2016

New Telegraph Expat Monthly Column!

I’m delighted to announce that my new monthly column in Telegraph Expat is now available to read online. This month I take a look at all the faddy food diets doing the rounds back in the UK, and suggest that instead people think about adopting a simple Mediterranean diet, similar to the one i keep here in Mallorca.

On a sidebar of the article, I’ve also included one of my favourite and simple Mallorcan summer salads known as Trempó. It combines green peppers, peeled fresh tomatoes, mild white salad onions and wonderful virgin olive oil. Summer is on the way…..enjoy!—-its-simple-and-effective/

Please feel free to comment on this article. All comments are moderated, so it will appear after I have checked it. Thanks!

  1. Anna,

    Having just read your Mallorcan food column in the Telegraph, I felt I should refer you to a fellow ex-pat of some renown who lives and cooks in Southern France. Robin is the original Poldark, loved by those of us from a generation before you!

    All good wishes,

    Nelson, BC, Canada

    * by Diana Gallaway | Apr 4, 01:49 am