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Friday August 16, 2013

My site voted as one of top ten websites for expats in Spain!

It was great to hear from the company today that I have been voted one of its top ten winning expat websites for Spain. it’s a very cheering accolade to have on a fraught Friday afternoon when instead of getting on with urgent deadlines in the office I have been nursing a baby chick that I discovered in our field covered in ants, seemingly savaged by a cat . The guilty party hasn’t owned up yet so the jury’s out but Doughnut is under suspicion, not least because a tiny feather was found caught in his whiskers! After administering some glucose water via a pipette, I cleaned the little chap’s wound and coated it in vaseline with a drop of tea-tree oil. He’s now sleeping in a warm duster inside a basket. I sincerely hope he makes it. Anyway, back to the award. This was the kind citation from currency transfer:

“Anna-Nicholas is a London-born expat living in Mallorca that posts regular columns in Telegraph Expat, keeps a blog and has also written 5 books. With a vast and broad catalogue of life experiences and awards, Anna is one of the most reliable expat resources on the internet posting regular articles on life in Mallorca and even a monthly newsletter of upcoming talks and projects to attend.”

So a happy Friday to you all. I hope a little cheer has come your way too today!

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  1. A well deserved award keep up the good work.
    By the way when is the next book out, bull on the beach was fantastic

    * by MR Roger King | Aug 18, 09:49 am

  2. Hi Roger, many thanks for your kind feedback. A new book will hopefully be on the way soon!

    * by anna nicholas | Aug 20, 02:47 pm

  3. Thank you, your article helped me.

    * by Eric Nitler | Sep 19, 02:14 pm