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Friday January 30, 2009

Mutton Dressed up as lamb

Much as we hear of ludicrous policies set down by supermarkets, the best surely has to be with regard to underage drinking. Tesco now has a blanket policy across all its outlets dictating that anyone buying alcohol must show identity. In Harlow in Essex recently two pensioners of 68 and 70 years old respectively were banned from purchasing a bottle of wine because they didn’t have any ID. There has been much guffawing about this in the media but Tesco has refused to back down, claiming that its cashiers can’t always tell what age a person really is. Flattering though it must have been for pensioner, Jennifer Rogers, to have been confused for a teenager, one would like to think a little common sense might be exercised in such stores. Perhaps in dumb and dumber Britain, these employees really are so dense that they really cannot tell the difference?

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