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Monday June 16, 2008

Lonely Freedom Fighter

All hail David Davis! The man is a veritable God. For once a politician has had the guts and garters to stand up for what he believes in. I have always thought Mr Davis rather grey and mousy but no, he is a true lion in rodent clothing. May Gordon and his ghastly nannying team quake in their boots as Davis brings to the fore the issue of the erosion of democracy and liberty that is tearing our country apart. It has been viewed by the political pundits as a brave and maybe foolhardy move to resign as shadow Home Secretary and trigger a by-election but I’m not so sure. It is noble that on the eve of the anniversary of the Magna Carta, which has guaranteed the freedom of the individual in England for nigh on 800 years, that he has made his stand. Mr Davis has thrown down the gauntlet to Gordon Brown and his cronies and challenged them to a debate on the issue. As our country continues to drown in ID cards, chips, CCTV cameras, council and government spying, and intrusive and insidious databases containing our personal files, the time has come to stop the rot and to say enough is enough.

We are living in a terrifying Big Brother society where personal liberties are treated with contempt and our privacy trashed and ridiculed by the incumbent government. Detaining suspected terrorists has been a plausible excuse for invading our lives further and instituting tactics worthy of a police state. I noticed on many a Muslim and left wing website that David Davis is being championed which has a certain delicious irony about it. As many security experts have warned, the new detention pre-charge of 42 days may incite extremism of the very kind it is supposed to be defeating. With any luck if Kelvin McKenzie is unleashed from his sleazy Sun crypt, the only front runner Labour seems to be able to find, then David Davis should romp home in the by-election. Early polls spat out by an increasingly desperate Gordon Brown on the issue, prove nothing. The debate about our rights to democracy and freedom has not yet begun. It will be the polls at the end of the debate that will have resonance. For all we know this might well have been a slick and daring campaign brokered between David Davis and David Cameron to finally bring Gordon to his knees. Only time will tell.

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