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Wednesday May 21, 2008

Jacqui Jobsworth

One of Gordon Brown’s biggest mistakes was awarding the post of Home Secretary to the ineffectual and dreary Jacqui Smith whose robotic voice could challenge that of a Dalek in any voiceover competition. Time and time again she has made embarrassing gaffes and naïve, contradictory statements which show just how out of touch the government really is about the state of crime and policing methods in the UK. Some many moons ago, Ms Smith spoke of reassuring the public about, ‘the very small number of violent incidents there are in the UK.’ In the same breath she said she wouldn’t be seen dead on the streets of London after dark because of the dangers. Unlike the majority of Londoners, Ms Smith has the luxury of a government car to ferry her around the no-go zones of the Capital should she have a yearning for a late night kebab.

Today and predictably, desperate should-be housewife, Ms Smith, is jumping on the back of Boris Johnson’s campaign to cut drink on public transport and yet she and her band of beery men on the front benches instigated the 24 hour drinking culture that has brought near anarchy to our streets. Instead of bowing to the demands of the drinks industry and the fat dividends that affords, the Home Secretary should be replacing 24 hour drinking with 24 hour bobbies on the beat, a sure way to cut crime. In recent times, she has had to admit that the ridiculous ASBO’s brought in by the government have been a waste of time, regarded more as a badge of honour by thugs, half of whom re-offend once they’ve been served with one. How is it that Labour has got it so terribly wrong when answers are simply staring it in the face? With Labour facing its worst crisis since the thirties, this is not the time to clear out dead wood, but if the Jacqui Jobsworths of the party continue to be given a mouthpiece, Gordon will only suffer more woes as the increasingly bolchy electorate vote with their feet come the next election.

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