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Tuesday June 24, 2008

I'm Alright Says Tom!

Why is it that politicians never learn when to keep their traps shut? If things weren’t bad enough for our Gordie, he now has his rubber-band mouth Transport Minister, Tom Harris, lecturing the nation on how lucky they are. With food bills up, house prices sliding into oblivion, pay rises below inflation and petrol costs going through the roof, this Labour fat cat dares to tell the public to stop being ‘so bloody miserable.’ Given that Tom Harris isn’t far off a six figure salary and has an expense account of £153,862, he certainly has reasons to be cheerful in the current economic downtown, unlike the rest of the population. True, the public did not heed warnings that the economy was going to take a gloomy turn and yes, belts should have been tightened long ago in order to withstand the knocks, but most families only just manage to keep their heads above water on the meager salaries they earn so making economies isn’t easy, even though Tom Harris might think so. If the government was suffering a crisis of confidence with the public showing overt loathing for everything Gordon Brown now stands for, this latest turn of events can only make things far worse.

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