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Tuesday August 20, 2013

If you don't like the heat...!

Yesterday I left my air conditioned eyrie to take my son and two of his school chums up to Deia to visit the wonderful Robert Graves museum and to stroll around the village. Normally when I’m visiting Deia the rest of the year I bump into the usual suspects, long term residents and expats and we pass the time of day. On this visit the place was buzzing not with locals but holidaymakers and in the space of two hours, not one familiar face popped up. I asked one of my Mallorcan shopkeeper friends where they all were. ‘Hibernating’, she replied matter-of-factly. ´Or else off the island.’ And can one blame them? Unless one is on holiday, the best place to be during August is in the shade or off gallivanting elsewhere, preferably somewhere cooler. It’s the old chestnut about working versus holidaying in a resort.

During July and August I tend to pop out and about either early morning or evening when it’s less hot and sticky. The rest of the time I keep my head down in the office and work. It’s from September onward that most of us emerge from our temporary chrysalises. Recently I was asked which were my favourite two months in Mallorca. A no brainer for me as I adore May and September, with February and August probably being my least favourite. But of course Mallorca is beautiful all year around and if I were not working, I’m sure I’d be joining those lucky tourists down on the playa, lying on a sunbed, cool drink and book in hand, dreaming of which al fresco restaurant to visit later on that night!

Happy holidays to one and all.

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