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Tuesday August 18, 2009

Hello Brolly

As a surprise for the Scotsman and our son, Ollie, I booked tickets at Regent’s park open air theatre to see the musical, Hello Dolly. Imagine our distress when en route, without umbrella, the skies darkened and it began to pour with rain. Desperately I rang the theatre by mobile only to be told that we still had to pitch up or we’d forfeit any chance of rebooking another performance. Eventually jumping drenched into a cab, the weary Scotsman asked the driver to take us to the open air theatre. The driver chuckled thinking it a wry joke, finally hooting with laughter when we explained our dilemma. As we took leave of him at the mouth of the park in the torrential rain, he yelled out, ‘Forget Hello Dolly, you should have booked Swan Lake!’

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