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Monday June 2, 2008

Heart of Stone

There are few things worse than a fool sounding off on a subject he knows nothing about except perhaps when it comes to a Hollywood icon spouting on world affairs. Gabbling breathlessly at the Cannes film festival, actress Sharon Stone surmised that the devastating earthquake in China which has claimed countless lives, was probably due to China’s Karma. In a few simplistic sentences in which she used the word ‘nice’ three times, NASA potential recruit Stone, revealed that because the Chinese weren’t nice to the Tibetans, they most likely brought the earthquake upon themselves. Understandably the Chinese are not at all happy because they don’t feel Miss Stone is being very nice to them, and subsequently are cold shouldering her forthcoming films and banning use of her face in promotions. And serve her jolly well right!

It was only once she’d received her first best actress Oscar, that the mad ramblings of French actress, Marion Cottilard also hit the news. Her surmise on 9/11 was that it was all a pack of lives and that the Americans destroyed the Twin Towers themselves. She even went as far as questioning whether man had ever stepped on the moon. As one who has been in the media game for many years, I wonder what sort of muppet PR people these celebrities employ. If you’ve got an exceptionally loopy client with a loose mouth, the critical thing is to prevent her from speaking at all, unless to a tight, well rehearsed script. These people are actors not experts on world affairs and the lunacy of letting them voice their dizzy opinions in public is a major hazard. Seeing life from the back seat of a limo doesn’t translate into political wisdom.

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