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Friday June 5, 2009

Goodbye Amigo

I don’t know about talented Brits, but I have just met the most extraordinarily talented young singer in my own town of Sóller. Some of you may remember my sad account of the death of Tyler, the 19 year old son of our friends Antonia and Albert Engle, who was killed by a tourist performing an illegal u-turn in the port more than a year ago. Friends of the family were devastated by his senseless death and so one, a 28 year old singer, decided to honour his memory on behalf of us all. Jesús Bolivar- ‘El Coto’- which is a reference to his Andalusian roots in Jaén, re-worked an original song by Francisco Carmona, ‘Adiós Amigo’, and performed it in a video clip which has been snapped up by locals in the Sóller Valley. In the musical video which he produced with friends, Jesús is shown walking through Sóller’s cemetery, visiting Tyler’s grave and singing movingly by the sea about his friend. The song is a touching and sincere tribute to Tyler but El Coto is not just a one hit wonder. Some of his own compositions are excellent. Surprisingly and despite a growing reputation on local TV, Jesús works in transportation when really his heart is bent on having a musical career. Famous in the Sóller valley, Jesus is now performing his own compositions, wherever he can, across the island to showcase his talents. If any of you need a hugely talented, handsome and personable singer for performances this summer, look no further. Better still, if you’re a record producer, offer him a contract immediately! You can see and hear Jesús at his site and also see him performing, ‘Adios Amigo’ which is on you tube and included on Jesús’s site. Maybe I should get him to audition on Britain’s Got Talent, or even Spain’s own equivalent, but then again, perhaps he’s a bit too grown up for all that.

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