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Wednesday April 9, 2008

Face off

Having spent endless cash on breast implants, botox, collagen and cutting and pasting body parts to enhance their general appearance, it seems that Hollywood sirens are now desperately reversing their surgical procedures. Yes, just as plastic and aesthetic surgery has been all the rage, the new craze is to get one’s body back to normal. The fickle and superficial world of showbiz knows no bounds but this latest turn of events is the maddest yet.

In London most well-heeled women I know over the age of forty succumb to botox, something which I still find curious. Much as medical professionals are at pains to insist that injecting one’s body with rat poison has no long term effects, I’d like to hear them say that in ten years or so when women’s faces start falling apart. If this new trend catches on, refreshingly we may see fewer females around the streets with faces as taught as drum skins and lethally sprung, dual exocet busts.

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