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Saturday December 8, 2012

Expat Blog Gold Winner 2012!

The results of a global competition in which bloggers were nominated from 100 countries have been announced by expatsblog site In total 55 bloggers were nominated for Spain and to my absolute delight I was voted the winner. There’s something rather strange about receiving an intangible ‘gold’ award. You can’t put it on your mantelpiece and you can’t pass it among your family and friends-as you can with a marathon medal-but it still has resonance nonetheless.

Of course I wouldn’t have stood a chance of winning if it hadn’t been for you, my wonderful readers and friends, who generously took time out of your busy schedules to leave an encouraging comment on my nomination page

I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement, wonderfully erudite and eloquent feedback on the site, and for finding time to read my regular witterings!

My sincerest thanks and warmest wishes to you all!

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