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Monday October 15, 2012

Expat Blog Award!

The Expat blog website has very kindly nominated my site for entry to its Expat Blog Awards. The site editors have asked that if any of you kind readers have time, to briefly log on to my page and leave a positive comment against my blogs listed on the site. It would only take a few nano seconds and I would be very grateful for your kind support! Please click
here to leave a comment on the site:

Many thanks!


Please feel free to comment on this article. All comments are moderated, so it will appear after I have checked it. Thanks!

  1. Bravo! I read your book “A Lizard in my Luggage” and loved it. The Expat Blog award is a great way to promote the country you live in. My blog is also in the Greece listing.
    Good luck!

    * by Bex | Dec 7, 10:50 am