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Friday April 18, 2014

Easter goodies in Mallorca!

Just as in the UK, Easter is a time for families in Mallorca to get together and enjoy a time of celebration and of course, traditional food.

The shops are full of easter eggs but it is normal for doting grandparents and senior family members in Spain to give children little scenes made entirely from chocolate.

Traditional fare for Semana Santa (Easter) in Mallorca includes Crespells (sweet biscuits), Coca de Patata (sweet buns), Empanadas (savoury pastries) and Cocarrois (crescent vegetable pastries). These pastries each have significance to Holy Week and have been linked to Mallorca’s Jewish and Arab heritage. The shops are now full of these delicacies, which you can enjoy regardless of whether you gave up your favourite tipple or not and of course, not a calorie in sight!

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