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Thursday December 18, 2008

Dreaming of a White Christmas

A vicar in Dorset has announced that he is banning the hymn, O Little Town of Bethlehem, from his church this Christmas because it is outmoded and doesn’t reflect the conflict happening on the West Bank. Shocked by a recent visit there, Mr Coulter cannot now tolerate this festive ditty because he maintains that Bethlehem isn’t a nice little town and shepherds no longer tend their flocks there. No? What a surprise! Now, don’t tell me, Mr Coulter, that William Blake’s immortal words in Jerusalem aren’t true either? I mean isn’t England still a green and pleasant land? While I’m warming to my theme, let’s look at Rule Britannia, are you telling me that England no longer rules the waves, and that instead we’ve become slaves to Brussels? I’m stunned. What of Land of Hope & Glory? I suppose Gordon Brown’s put paid to that, and the good old tear jerker, The White Cliffs of Dover, will no doubt, no longer boast bluebirds flying over the cliffs, rather immigration queues lining up on the docks. There is some positive news though, contrary to the message in that old children’s song, London Bridge is not falling down, well not until Al Qaeda get their hands on it. So all is well, Vicar. Be of good cheer! We live in a world of make believe and many of our hymns, traditional songs and rhymes reflect just that. The world is not a happy place so let us cocoon ourselves in happy words, memories and dreams. What else quite frankly, do we have left?

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