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Thursday May 22, 2008

Don't Cry for Me London!

If anyone thought Ken Livingstone would be weeping with his newts having lost the mayoral race, they can think again. Within a few weeks of defeat, our Ken is happy again having managed to secure hugely lucrative after dinner speaking contracts with a top London firm. He is rumoured to have secured more than £100,000 in speaking fees already. Unlike Cherie, Ken makes an excellent speaker because he calls a spade a spade and whether you love him or hate him he’s hugely entertaining, very funny and surprisingly sincere. Some years ago after a charity event I attended in the City, Ken spent time chatting with serving staff and those whom he didn’t think were the worthies and I found that rather touching. Despite the disappointment of losing his job I genuinely think Ken will be happy back in his garden tending his plants, his newts, and creaming off lots of money on the back of his time in office. And good for him I say!

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