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Tuesday July 21, 2009

Day of the Druids

How touching it is to learn that Mr Pardy, the pagan policeman in Hertfordshire, has won his case to take special druid holidays annually on Halloween and the summer solstice. This will no doubt open the doors to all sorts of other requests for special treatment such as those police officers showing werewolf tendencies who will no doubt be granted days off when it’s a full moon. It’s fortunate for Mr Pardy that he works in an organisation that will humour such a request. In a private company during hard times, he’d be out on his ear. Few employers have patience for this sort of nonsense and whatever your belief, the name of the game is fitting in with the rest of the team. Get down on your prayer mat, go to a church, hug a tree, don a Druid white robe and dance round Stone Henge at midnight but the message is: Do it in your own time.

Friends of mine in London are now refusing to take summer holidays because it seems that every time a colleague returns from leave, his or her position has been made redundant or marginalised. PC Constable Andy Pardy should therefore count his Druid blessings that he’s won his case and works for the good old PC, greater diversity jokers known as the British Police. In the real world, he’d be twiddling his thumbs at the back of the dole queue.

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