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Tuesday November 15, 2016

Countdown to Christmas!

Plaza Mayor in Palma finally sees the light!

As an island, Mallorca is fairly laid back about the festive season until the very last minute. Christmas lights usually appear some time during December in most towns and villages with Palma leading the way. Today, I noticed a huge crowd of onlookers pointing excitedly up at several strings of lights being arranged across Plaza Mayor.

Suddenly Christmas has become a reality with chestnut vendors appearing on every street in the capital! When lights will arrive in our sleepy Soller valley – if at all, depending on budget cuts – is anybody’s guess, but whatever the weather, we’ll all have a jolly festive time: that’s a given.

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  1. Hi Anna,
    Recently I have been taking an interest in articles on the internet written by people all over the world who are managing (and quite well too) to live ‘off grid’..that is to say, with out depending on national grid electricity, mains water supply etc.but making use of solar power to supply their needs domestically.It’s quite amazing how far you can go with this if you know what to do! Obviously the better the climate the easier it seems to be…but even in the UK it seems it is possible to live a nice uncomplicated life just using the sun to generate your needs.
    Anyway..the other day I read an article on the internet about a chap who is doing just this up in the hills above Soller,and very interesting it was too.This guy has been living there for some time,and he had bought this property in total disrepair ( as I suspect a lot of forward thinking people did in the ’60/70S) when local people perhaps didn’t recognize the value that was in the most derelict of property.
    Anyway..again, I started to wunder, is it still possible to find away to live a simple sort of life like that in Mallorca at minimal expense, maybe buying land , maybe using a static caravan if property at the right price wasn’t available etc.
    I was walking up in the hills above Soller last year and I noticed people renovating property then…..I guess I might be a little to late..what do you think!

    * by Ian | Dec 1, 08:00 pm