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Thursday December 18, 2008

Christmas Elf & Safety lollipop Ban

Santa’s happy elves are working 24/7 to get those presents wrapped up in time for the big day but in one part of Hampshire, a breakaway group of killjoy elves are hell bent on making Christmas a misery for locals. In festive mode, school crossing patrol officer, Kevin Simpson, decided to attach glittery tinsel to the top of his lollipop but his action immediately got him in to hot water. Elf & Safety officials furiously banned him from showing such good cheer, warning that tinsel topped lollipops could represent a serious elf & safety danger for the public. Perchance a child could inadvertently hang himself from the top of the lollipop? A strand of trailing tinsel might, just, cause a pedestrian to trip and go flying into the path of a speeding car? We live in dangerous times. Without the Elf & Safety killjoy patrol this Christmas, where would we be?

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