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Friday July 18, 2008

Chippies shaking with despair

Chippies across the north of England and Scotland are digging a hole for themselves-quite literally. It transpires that new regulations at Gateshead Council have put an end to salt shakers with seventeen holes being used in local fish and chip shops to cut down on salt consumption. The chippies dilemma is that the largest supplier of salt shakers in the North has been nobbled by the Council and told it can no longer manufacture sprinklers with more than five holes. Once again Big Brother is controlling the nation’s health by not allowing us to decide for ourselves how much salt we may wish to sprinkle over our chips. Many Scottish chip shop owners have received so many complaints from customers that they have taken to gouging extra holes in the sprinklers. Apparently Gateshead Council spent thousands researching the hole count in salt shakers and ordering up new versions. Isn’t it good to know that your council taxes are put to good use?

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