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Monday January 30, 2012

Bull on the Beach is on the way!

Dear Readers and Visitors, I’m happy to report that “A Bull on the Beach” is now finished and will be published this summer. Aside from yet again cataloguing our own chaotic and happy antics living in rural Mallorca, I take a look at the wonderful farms that despite massive obstacles and EU interference, still exist here.

Many young Mallorcans are taking the bull by the horns and starting their own small eco and organic farming cooperatives-determined to help make our beautiful island more self sufficient. So many traditional farmers of citrus fruit, almond and olives, cereals, cattle, bovids, and goat and sheep cheese, are throwing in the towel because of crazy EU directives and regulations. With few grants for tiny, local enterprises, and mounting bureaucracy, they simply cannot afford to exist. The Scotsman and I have therefore been supporting as many of these local initiatives as we possibly can because aside from enjoying the best possible naturally and locally produced vegetables and meat, we want to help the locals make a living!

At least 90 per cent of food stuffs are shipped into Mallorca and although much is needed to sustain the tourism industry, many hotels and restaurants could instead begin supporting local agriculture and by their responsible actions help nurture the soil, protect the environment and nudge Mallorca to becoming more self sufficient. I’m not interested in politicial manifestos and creeds of any party but I do care passionately about Mallorca and I love the Mallorcan people.

So, I hope 2012 will be the year of a small political awakening here in Mallorca. It’s time that the regional government realised that most holidaymakers are not fickle and genuinely appreciate the unspoilt beauty of the island and would like to keep it that way. Support agriculture on Mallorca…it’s the island’s future.

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  1. Hi Anna,
    Nice to hear that your new book is on the way. Just finished Goats from A Small Island – really funny plus the ughh factor of returning to Grey London – never mind you seem to have some great friends. Coming over to Soller the end of May – yet again! This time we are determined to try your favourite Cafe de Paris in Soller.

    Take Care and look after the two boys!!

    * by Tony Smith | Apr 12, 10:56 pm

  2. Fantastic news Anna. I have been waiting for the next one!

    I always make sure I take your books to Mallorca with me when we visit each year – just to get me in the mood!

    I just love how you have managed the business in London whilst setting up your new home.

    I have my own business and dream of doing exactly what you have done. One day I may put my dreams in to action, but until then I shall keep enjoying your life over there.

    All the very best to you and yours.

    * by Jan McDermott | Jun 23, 11:58 am