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Wednesday May 21, 2008

Boris on a Roll

It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of what is happening in London with bouncy Boris Johnson at the helm. Much as it’s the glorious honeymoon period for the new Mayor of London, one has to admire his shrewd early moves which are impressing Londoners across the Capital. He has already appointed a tier of bright, no-nonsense, and un-ostentatious advisers and an excellent spokesperson in the form of ex BBC political correspondent, Guto Harri. Doggedly carrying out his pledge to ban alcohol on London tubes and buses, Boris has caused a flutter in the heart of Labour apparatchiks, who in knee jerk fashion have announced that the government will also seek to ban alcohol across all national transport. This is not a clever move and is ill thought through. Banning alcohol on short journeys by tube, bus and local trains makes perfect sense in the current hostile climate in London, but striking intercity routes, Euro Star, and the Gatwick Express would smack of heavy handed nannying. Given that Gordon and Co seem to have completely run out of ideas of their own, perhaps they should seek counsel from Boris first before entertaining such a move?

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