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Thursday December 18, 2008

Bored Stiff

So a clever professor at Michigan University has discovered that when we are bored our brains simply disconnect. In a simple experiment, placing volunteers under an MRI scanner and showing them streams of numbers, he was able to ascertain that our self control, vision and language become greatly affected by boredom. Now this is very opportune research as far as our household is concerned. The Scotsman has been boring me rigid of late about the falling pound, pensions and the state of the economy. All of this for me is all dull ear fodder. I register what is happening in the financial markets, know there’s little I can do about it and move on to something far more absorbing such as fondling the cat’s ears or making myself another cup of coffee. Now, instead of being accused of not listening to my husband’s ramblings, I can reliably tell him that my brain has simply disconnected. This in turn means that I lose the power of verbal reasoning I can only grunt-the power of sight-I close my eyes and doze and as far as self-control goes, I feel forced to put on the kettle. If this key study is being published in the New Scientist, then surely it must be bone fide. Even the Scotsman can’t quibble with that.

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