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Wednesday April 9, 2008

Booting out Mugabe


President Mugabe

With any luck Robert Mugabe may soon be deposed as president of Zimbabwe, and not before time. As with so many of these self-appointed despots, Mugabe’s bloody and ruinous twenty-eight year reign has left his once prosperous country depleted, exhausted and economically unviable. If new political blood is permitted to enter the fray in the form of Morgan Tsvangirai much recovery work will be needed, not least resurrecting the mines, tourism, restoring the farms to many of those whose title deeds were savagely stolen, and bringing dignity to the devalued local currency.

It will be an uphill struggle for those in the hot seat and I don’t envy them. As of yesterday, Zimbabwean Security Forces raided Tsvangirai’s offices and intimidation and violence may follow as Mugabe feels his hold on the country slipping.

If he refuses to quit he may compete in a runoff election which could be conveniently rigged in his favour. Let’s just hope that he is toppled and Zimbabwe is set free.

When that time comes, having watched on pitilessly while this beautiful country was brought to its knees, I hope the United Nations, Britain and America may step forward to offer some kind of financial and practical support, if only to assuage their consciences.

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