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Friday June 5, 2009

Blowing A Big Strawberry!

It’s been a blissfully Elf & Safety free time but now news reaches me from Cornwall that has shattered the calm. A famed strawberry farm owned by the same family for 40 years has been forced to close its ‘pick your own’ business by bumptious little E&S officials. Annually, generations of locals have descended on the farm in Cornwall to pick their own strawberries, often regarding it as a family day out. Now the farm’s owner, Phil Boddington, has announced that due to new safety conditions which are being imposed by the government, the tradition of picking your own strawberries will have to end. To avoid expensive insurance premiums and keep the Elfs happy, he would need to install costly bridges, walk ways, paths and signs on his land which would wipe away any future profit. It’s a sad old story and yet again is a sign of the corrosion of British traditions that many of us once held dear. I just hope some valiant farmers club together to stop the rot and blow a big strawberry at the government with public support too. Surely if members of the public wish to risk life and limb pottering around strawberry plots, they should be allowed to do so at their own risk?

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