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Friday April 1, 2016

April 1st- New Telegraph Expat Bulletin and a good drenching in the rain!

Read the latest expat news today from Telegraph Expat which also includes my latest monthly column

Today in Soller it has been rather wet and windy but that didn’t stop me throwing on my old gym gear this morning and heading off along the port by the sea for a run. It’s always so invigorating to smell the ozone as one courses along the beach with the odd gull for company! So, having returned to the house sopping wet, I enjoyed a big cooked breakfast and after a shower, got down to work at my desk. Bliss.

As it’s the first of April – a fun day of tomfoolery in Britain – I hope you caught some of the great jokes and spoofs doing the rounds in the media. One of my favourites was the Spanish tourist office’s claim that sangria contained life-giving medicinal properties. Hang on, where’s the joke? It does, doesn’t it?!

Wising you all a wonderful weekend. April has arrived and with it Spring. Happy days! :-)

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