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Tuesday August 18, 2009

A Touch of Frost

It was with a mixture of sympathy and amusement that I observed Hillary Clinton’s snappy, frustrated outburst in the Congo when a student somewhat unwisely asked for her husband’s opinion on an economic matter. Thoroughly irritated that her husband’s and not her own opinion, was being sought, she chose to remind the hapless chap that it was she who was secretary of state. The incident made excellent silly season fodder in the world press and gave ground for arguments that Hillary has always felt over-shadowed by her charismatic and politically astute husband, Bill. There he was, only last week rescuing two American female reporters from the clutches of North Korea like a regular Hollywood superhero. The world loves him and poor Hillary has to accept that she will never ever have the magic aura of her husband. Even when catapulted onto the front pages worldwide for sexual transgressions, Bill recovered his reputation within a matter of years and was charming the pants of all who crossed his path. Hillary Clinton is a force to be reckoned with and an intelligent and indefatigable politician. Perhaps rather than fight the tide, she just goes with the flow, smiles and basks in their joint successes. Most battles can be fought with little more than old fashioned charm and a sweet, undaunted smile.

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