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Tuesday August 18, 2009

A Pig called Ginger

There has been much excitement about a pig named Ginger naughtily gobbling down a diamond which he ripped from the ring of a female visitor to his sty in Yorkshire. Now his unlucky owner, farmer Paul Cargyll, is having to monitor the pig’s movements-literally- to see if the diamond might be expelled from its system. Whether there is hope of it ever being recovered is anybody’s guess but there’s always a chink of hope. Many years ago when a young au pair for a diplomat at the British Embassy in Germany, I was called to assist him and his wife in searching for her wedding ring which to their joint dismay had disappeared. They had just moved into their new residence and were surrounded by hundreds of crates and packing boxes filled with crockery and furniture. Somehow her ring must have worked lose from her finger and ended up in packing paper in one of the boxes. They had searched high and low by the time I arrived on the scene and were thoroughly despondent. I walked into the room, approached the first crate I saw and after pulling out mountains of crushed newspaper, found the gold ring at the bottom. My employers couldn’t believe their luck and nor could I mine! It was an excellent start to relations in my year long stint at their home prior to university and is possibly why we have remained such close friends to this day.

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