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Friday November 8, 2013

A marathon task

It’s that time of the year again when muttering like a disgruntled wizard I dust myself down in the early morning, don the running gear and set off into the hills or down to the sea. Having lazily got ‘off track’ over the summer – yep blaming the heat again and the need to finish the new novel- I am now gradually creaking my way along the hilly tracks, cursing my stiff limbs as I go. As some of you masochistic runners out there will know, there is nothing better than a goal to kick start the programme so I am now asking for your pearls. Last year I completed the Prague Marathon (let’s not mention the cobbles) and now I am contemplating my 9th international marathon but where?

If any of you gentle readers have some good ideas from past experience, please let me know. I’d rather stick to Europe to avoid huge air fares and accommodation needs. Italy? France? Eastern Europe? I look forward to receiving your kind thoughts on the hoof. The world is our oyster!

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  1. You know you want to give Wales a go! I have done the Snowdonia marathon a couple of times. Truly awful weather but the support from locals and the scenery (what you can see of it) makes it a one in a million experience. New York, Paris, London pale in comparison!

    A few training runs up from Sa Calobra…Go on, I dare you :-)

    From memory its the last weekend in October.

    * by Peter Jones | Nov 18, 07:35 pm

  2. Hm… now there’s a thought. Very tempting, Peter. Promise to have a snoop at the course. A:-)

    * by anna nicholas | Nov 20, 10:34 pm

  3. Hi Anna
    I am going to drop you an email, I hope all is well in Mallorca!
    Just occurred to me that the Bournemouth marathon would be ideal, July/August time. First one last year and it was a big success.

    Best Wishes

    * by Steve Birtwistle | Feb 10, 10:37 am