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Saturday July 16, 2016

A Chorus of Cockerels has landed!

A Chorus of Cockerels has landed!

After a wonderful few weeks of celebrating the launch of my new – and sixth – Mallorcan travel title, A Chorus of Cockerels I am now getting down to final edits for my first crime novel…it never stops!

if any of you kind readers have bought my new book and enjoyed it, I would be hugely grateful if you might spare a few nano seconds to give it a positive review on amazon

Here in the Soller valley we are enjoying an unprecedented number of visitors . The majority are basking in the glorious sunshine and indulging in local Mallorcan rural cuisine and culture. In the pulsating summer heat there are always the wonders of the hidden calas to explore and the mighty Tramuntanas where a shady wood can be discovered for a quiet siesta away from the madding crowds.

Wishing you all a very relaxing and happy summer!

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