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Friday January 30, 2009

A Big Thank you!

Having arrived back from Sri Lanka to more than 300 e-mails and a whole load of writing deadlines, I hope you will forgive me for not posting an update about my trip. We had an absolutely wonderful sojourn in Sri Lanka and spent some precious time with the devoted Sisters at the Jeevanie Orphanage and Our Lady of Victories girl’s school in Moratuwa, Colombo. All the children’s clothes we brought with us arrived in one piece at the airport, and we handed over a cheque to the tune of about one thousand pounds. More has been raised since, so we are hoping-reasonable fares permitting-to trog over again in July with more children’s clothes and money.

The Sisters have now decided to set about building a purpose built residence for the orphaned girls on the nearby girl’s school campus. This would be much more comfortable and the facilities would be more modern-hot water and internal wash basins and a proper kitchen. We have commited to fundraising so that will be an objective this year. Meanwhile we have offered to help a buddhist orphanage up in Kandy in the hill country. Many of the clothes we bring to this orphanage will be sent to the east to help displaced Tamil families, caught up in the civil war. The trip once again reminded me how hugely lucky we are to live in a peaceful place in such beautiful surroundings. Despite economic gloom, nothing can compare with the hardship felt by so many living in poverty in far off places around the globe. I wish you all a fantastic, healthy, happy 2009. The recession will be over before we know it…in the interim we must all just ride the storm, be of good cheer and have a glug of good Spanish vino when the going gets tough! Hasta…

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  1. Congratulations on your win!

    * by Laura | Dec 7, 04:53 pm